Gamco Building

International Gamco (Gamco) is North America’s premier manufacturer of pull-tab tickets. Incorporated in 1983, Gamco is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska with regional sales offices located throughout the United State

Through the years, Gamco has grown into a multi-faceted manufacturer and marketer of pull-tab ticket products for the lottery, charitable gaming and promotional games markets.

Currently, Gamco holds contracts to provide pull-tab tickets to the Idaho Lottery and Massachusetts Lottery. 

Tab Box MachineThe Idaho Lottery contract is a full-service operation, providing sales, marketing, warehousing, distribution and reporting. A first of its kind for pull-tabs, Gamco developed the program for Idaho and has been operating since July, 2008.

Gamco also sells its pull-tab games to charitable gaming markets in forty states, Canada, Latin America and Europe. It is specifically licensed as a manufacturer in approximately twenty jurisdictions and operates under a high level of scrutiny and security.

In addition to the Lottery and Charitable games that International Gamco offers, we also produce a variety of promotional games to various accounts such as Runza, The Buckle, Fox Network, Napa Auto Parts, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Amigos, Hooters and Marshall Fields.

Gamco Building

New and creative ideas have set Gamco apart from other pull-tab ticket manufacturers. Gamco pioneered many of the industry’s significant game developments such as: criss-cross play, secondary forms of winner verification, bar-coded tickets and systems, seal card games, scratch tabs, step-up games, progressive game and keno and bingo event tickets. Additionally, Gamco has pioneered the development of electronic tickets, the Video Verifier and TabBOXX ticket dispenser through its Oasis Gaming division.


Gamco is recognized as an industry leader in the marketing and sales of pull-tab games. Members of our staff bring years of such experience not only from the    lottery and charitable gaming industries but also from advertising agencies and corporate sales and marketing departments specializing in package and consumer goods. Our expertise is found in the areas of research, product design, marketing, sales techniques and retailer selection.



A Pollard Banknote Company, Gamco employs approximately 160 people. Gamco is proud of the dedication and longevity of its employees and the family/team atmosphere that has been created as our corporate culture.