The Buckle Games Aim to Drive Web Traffic

Date: 10-26-2009

The Buckle, Inc is an upscale retailer selling apparel, footwear and accessories for young men and women.

The Buckle began as a men's clothing store in 1948 in Kearney, NE and operated under the name Mills Clothing.  In 1967 a second store was purchased and operated under the name Brass Buckle.  By the early 1970's Brass Buckle found a niche as a denim-based store also selling tattoo inspired clothing.  Brass Buckle changed its name to The Buckle in the early 90's and the company went publich in 1992.  The Buckle now has 400 stores in 39 states.

Gamco has produced six consecutive promotional games for The Buckle since 2007.  The objective of the promotional game effort is to increase sales and drive customers to The Buckle's website in order to build a customer database.

In addition to producing the promotional games, Gamco has also packed winning merchandise certificates provided by The Buckle into each case of promotional game cards, and has also handled drop shipping direct to The Buckle's 400 stores.  Each of these value added services have saved valuable time and shipping costs.

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