Oasis Gaming

International Gamco recognized the need for new and innovative products in order to keep ahead of the competition and the proliferation of gaming that swept across the nation over past two decades. During the early 90s Gamco’s management decided to fund a research and development group for the intended purpose of developing new technology for the charitable gaming and lottery industries. Gamco’s Oasis Gaming Division carries on this mission today.

Over the years, Oasis Gaming has become known as an innovator of technology, systems, networks, graphic solutions, game content, new-age dispensers and end-user player stations.  Oasis Gaming has had its products placed in various markets in the United States and abroad.  Oasis Gaming has worked diligently to bring new technology to life that fits within the highly regulated and ever-changing gaming industry worldwide. With its team, which includes highly trained engineers and artists, Oasis Gaming has been able to set the trend with its research and development. Some of the innovative products developed by this team include: the Oasis Electronic Pull-Tab Network, the Monitor Vending Machine (MVM), the V2 Video Verifier System, TabBOXX dispenser system, Oasis Game Center, skill-based and sweepstakes games, web-based games, hundreds of electronic finite games, themes and content, and Video Pools for the UK sports betting market.

One area that Oasis Gaming excels in is its design and implementation of robust gaming system platforms.  This system, known as the Oasis Game Center (OGC), has been in operation in many US and International markets for over 15 years.  Designed by Oasis Gaming’s engineers, the OGC has evolved into a technically-advanced system. The OGC has undergone rigorous testing for security and integrity by independent testing laboratories and lottery authorities alike.

The OGC provides encrypted communication that polls Oasis terminals in either dial-up or real-time mode. It downloads actual pools of finite and pre-determined electronic scratch and pull-tab ticket plays to terminals placed in Social Gaming venues. With the Oasis system there is no physical product delivery inventory concerns. All activity through out the system is an automated Electronic ticket inventory and sales are polled nightly to give Oasis’ customers and gaming regulators detailed reporting each morning when they arrive at the office. Several gaming companies have sought contracts with Oasis Gaming to provide its OGC and website reporting system on a contractual basis.

Oasis Gaming continually pursues new legal markets and is a leader in pursuing legislation and regulations for the products it offers.