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International Gamco’s V2 Video Verfier offers gaming operators the next level in player entertainment.  

The Video Verifier system enhances seal card and bingo event game play by using short animation programs to deliver pre-determined game results to the player.  Action, sound and brilliant animation bring V2 games to life as they are displayed throughout the entire gaming establishment giving players a true IN THE GAME EXPERIENCE.

Operating the system is simple. 

V2 Screen Shot

The video verifier hardware consists of a touch-screen PC, barcode scanner and connection components necessary to deliver game animations to your display monitors.    All game animation software is housed on the Video Verifier device.  New V2 animations are provided regularly via convenient self loading CD’s or web download.

Additionally, the V2 can interface with most bingo consoles allowing for hands-free operation of bingo event animations. 

Silver & Gold Speed Ball Whopperz

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